SLIDING RIGGER in 1982 (experimental works)

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Usually, racing boat has a sliding seat and fixed stretcher and riggers. But the sliding rigger boat has fixed seat and sliding stretcher and riggers unit. This mechanism reduces the mass movement of rowers. So, the boat can run faster with less pitching and surging motion. The sliding rigger mechanism is not so new as idea, but the heaviness of the materials to get the strength of sliding unit (and also hull) has prevented the realization. But the progress of materials; for example of carbon fiber, enable to release this mechanism. In 1981, sliding seat 1X won at the World Championships. In 1982, when I got a picture of sliding rigger scull, I was shocked. "This is a revolution! In a few years, most boats will change to sliding riggers." So I tried to build a sliding rigger scull for the experiment to feel this new mechanism. Unfortunately, sliding rigger is not so popular. And the race rules forbad this mechanism. Because, the regatta is the competition for the human performance, not for the boat design or economical power. It is one of the reasonable opinion. But I also hope, this excellent mechanism will revive as one category of race, someday.

I restored and transformed an old wooden single scull to the sliding rigger boat. Two bulkhead were removed to get sliding space. The sliding seat and tracks were changed to the fixed seat with small back rest and side tracks. New sliding stretcher unit had single stayed rigger.
it was a experimental boat. So, wooden sliding unit was too heavy. I used hung-glider's frame as the rigger stays. The sliding unit and tracks. (sliding roller were too weak.)
As another mechanism, I used hinges to attach shoes to the unit as experiments. (I called it "pedal stretcher")