Shinsui-shiki: Launching Celemony by Shinto style

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This is one of the traditional Launching Celemony in Japan, by Shin-to style. (This sample is in case of Hiroshima University RC for New 4+ in Feb.23, 1997. Filippi's new 4+ was named "Shun-Yo", it means Falcon and Hawk).
The "Kan-nushi san" ;priest pray the safety and triumph for the new boat in front of the "Kamidana"; altar. The Chief kan-nushi san sweeps away the evil spirit by the broom-like "kk", and the co-priest sprinkles the "Kiyome-no Shio";purifying salt. After that, the crew go to the first outing.
But, nowadays the celemony like this is not so popular.
Priests and Altar/ the pray ;Oharai
photo by M.Morikawa 1997.2.23